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Must... update... [10 Aug 2002|02:07pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Been a while since my last update! Haven't had a whole lot to write about, and I still don't. But here goes.

In regard to my current job I'm still scheduled for sacking. Darn. I've been toying with the idea of seeking employment in the US instead. Not on a permanent basis, just, say, three years. Maybe five. Just long enough for me to day that, yeah, ofcourse I've lived in the States. =) But it'd be a big project for me, and I'm unsure of where to start, short of contacting the american embassy. Or, at least, reading their webpage. Or perhaps it'd be more appropriate to contact the danish embassy overseas? But eitherway, I'm not going to get around jobhunting back here. Must stop procrastinating.

On a different note, september 7th is drawing ever closer! Yay! Concert with Jean Michel Jarre, to which I have tickets right here! Right! Here! I mean, like, wheee! =D About bloody time he held something in Denmark, too. We're not getting any younger here, ya'know. I just hope the weather'll be with us. Experts making a living stomping through muck believe we'll all be knee-deep in mud on the day of the concert. If that turns out to be true, -they- will be taking the blame and going down for it. :P

What else... well, my current job is going well. Back when we started working on the CMS I was working on implementing a user/group management system akin to a typical multi-user environment. But it was decided that this was going over the top and was something we'd never have a need for. Can anyone guess what I've just started working on implementing this week, about a year and a half later, where the implemention of such ranks a helluva lot higher on the complexity scale? Anyone? :P Ah well, it won't be that bad. I've had a few idea and they've worked out pretty well, so I'm expecting to be done sometime next week.

Ah right, I've found some new music: Masters at Work - Nuyorican Soul! Very good. :)

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No! No! Not another! [24 Jul 2002|05:18pm]
[ mood | determined ]

It's that time of the year again, and I'm bracing myself for the unyielding impact of yet another birthday. The moment came and passed, and I didn't even get a present! But that may be because everyone's been invited for this Saturday instead. Nonetheless! I demand something, even if I must buy it myself! And thus spoken, no sooner done. A sparkly new CPU for this very machine, will be arriving in the mail tomorrow. ;)

I did intend to wait for AMD to release the Hammer line of CPUs, but with the low low prices processors have reached, I decided to tolerate the suspense no longer and get one right away. Besides, my machine was beginning to feel the pressure laid on it by newer games. Yeah... that's it. My purchase was well-considered and in no way an act of impulse.

Once it gets here, I might as well complete all the other projects I have in store for my machine. *digs out his Dremel* I have a fan duct to install on the front of the case, a lighted fan to install either on its top or its side (haven't decided yet) and finally the case itself which has become crooked and must be straightened out. I stupidly dropped it on the parking lot, at out last LAN party - I had just finished repainting it and hadn't put the screws back in, because I was waiting for some thumbscrews to arrive in the mail - this I forgot. When I picked up the machine, it basically fell apart in my hands and smashed into a dozen pieces on thr ground. Amazingly, no damage befell it, apart from some scratches in the paint and a bent frame. Not even the NC Silverado had anything to complain about, despite its weight being some 30% above the max for an insecurely fastened coolingprofile. I was certain it'd broken off and snapped the CPU, but it held. I never figured out, if I was either very lucky or very unlucky that day. With all that could've gone much worse, my money's on "lucky". =)

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Cockroachy goodness! [21 Jul 2002|01:37am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I just finished watching Mimic 2, and while it wasn't terribly good, it also wasn't awful. Good ambience and decent s/fx that's been seen much worse elsewhere. It was better than Species 2, for instance, but still a B-grade sequel to a movie that wasn't all that good to begin with.

On a different note, I signed and submitted the NDA and a copy of my driver's license, and I'm now a betatester in the 3rd closed betaphase of Shadowbane, which is a(nother) MMORPG in the medieval fantasy setting. Since I have to pay a whole lot of money to Swing! Entertainment if I disclose any info about the game as specified in the NDA, I believe I sha'n't be doing that. But I will say that the game looks very promising, even if it does have its share of annoyances (in its design, not just the obvious bugs). I've been playing for a couple of days, now, and I haven't been able to find any bugs that haven't already been mentioned in the forums. Unless my actions are responsible for the numerous server crashes there's been, lately, but I don't think so. :P

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Entertainment du Fraace [14 Jul 2002|06:42pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I watched a performance of Les Mis�rables, last night. These guys weren't professional actors, but some of them certainly could've been. There were the occasional glitch, but they were few and did little other than remind you that you actually were watching an amateur performance. A very impressive show, to say the least.

Something I cannot say about the movie I just finished watching. Even if I hoped I'd be able to before watching it, seeing how I love the horror genr�. Almost as much as I love science fiction. And since this movie is both, why, how could it not be simply awesome? Resident Evil, da movee!
Ye gods, to the back of which bug did they find the manuscript stapled when they were turning rocks over in the producer's garden? I'm not going to reveal any details of the movie, other than my dislike. It's stuffed to the brim with cheap shock effects, and everyone knows how that lifts a movie and doesn't get annoying. Something that also bugged me, was the fact that the zombie phenomena was explained in a fashion almost exactly identical to an old young-adult novel by a danish author by the name of Dennis J�rgensen, Carcassmarch or March of the Carcase, whichever sounds the least dumb in english. It could be unrelated, but the point is that RE is a bunch of old gigs crammed into a new frame and given a substantial budget.
And another thing. The security computer! That was probably the most retarded of all, even if it did have a reason for its actions (which the security computer in The Tower (1993) did not, but otherwise it was the same deal). Yes, let's give it the voice and appearence of a 12-year old girl, that's a sure success. And I'm sure whoever's paid for the thing in the movie also thought it was a great idea.
You've also gotta love how little technological progress we'll evidently have in the next 70-80 years. There is the security computer, ofcourse, but that's about it. What little there otherwise is, appears added as an afterthought. They have, however, had some progress in the development of elevators. They now have computer-overidable fail-safes, so they can plummet to the ground and operate with the doors open. Yir.
The ending was predictable as always (I haven't seen a wrapped-up horror movie since Alien, and they still managed to make a good sequel, so don't start :-P - Wait, did The Curse have an open ending? I don't think so, but I forget), though I had my hopes up until they ran into the white guys.

Was the movie all bad? No, it had some mystery, some suspence that wasn't just leading up to another cheap shock, very good makeup/CGI with the more extreme monsters. The dogs were cool, even if they were obscured by speed and darkness most of the time. I think they were supposed to look like they'd been skinned, but why the heck would they look like that? And why would the doors of their cages hang open, when they'd simply broken out through the wire, anyway?

I'll sum it up with this: I don't regret having watched it.
My vacation's just started, with plenty of time to watch other movies. =)

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[12 Jul 2002|01:16am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

It's right here! It's right now! And... I haven't the foggiest idea what to do with it. And that is unusual. Goofing away a couple of weeks on nothing at all, didn't used to be a big deal at all. Or any kind of deal, really. I'd be perfectly happy doing nothing at all, save sprinkle the fleeting days with some sleep, a little gaming, a movie or a dozen, and check in on my friends and vice versa.

But now that I think back on it, the last time I've actually spent any real vacation like this was before I started using them for traveling overseas. And that's probably what's gnawing at me. Because I'm likely to lose my job come September, the vacation I was planning on taking this winter has been thrust at me and crammed into July where it's been sitting and glaring at me, daring me to jump at the opportunity of engaging in last-minute planning, ticket purchasing and barging-in-on-fennec'ing. I probably would have, if I didn't also have to look into obtaining a new car in a few months, since my oldish Vectra is starting to come apart by the seams. "Oldish," because it's really not that old, just not very well cared for in the later years. And the weather here's not doing anything to help. When I took it over, it was already too late to prevent its demise without a greater investment. So I decided to keep it for as long as possible, while saving up for a new one. And this day is drawing ever nearer.

But on the con side, I now have plenty of time to engage myself in the playing of Neverwinter Nights! My bat-wielding, crossbow-slinging, magic missle-spewing sorcerer is now level 16 and playing him is a blast. On a trial basis, I switched my panther for a bat, because he was getting increasingly difficult to keep alive in the fray and having him sit behind me while I slug bolts over the heads of my elemental and henchman as they engage my foes in fisticuffs, isn't very productive. So now he's a bat! I get to choose a form for him at every level. And I like the bat! He can do some interesting stuff with sonic spells, though his repetoire is limited and quickly spent on the day's first couple of fights. But he isn't hit nearly as often as the panther. But when he's hit, it smarts, so I'm not sure there's any real advantage to the bat-form. Maybe I'll try a pixie shape at level 17. They shun combat and are able to locate/disarm traps and pick locks - the very purpose for which I've hired my rogue henchman. So if I do this, I could get a fighter henchman instead. This I do now want, though, cause there's a henchman quest that you can only complete if you've kept the same one long enough that he considers you a friend. And I wanna see what that quest is all about! :P Oh well, the rogue is a decent enough fighter and having an extra one flapping around cannot hurt. Besides, even the strongest fighter among my familiars, the panther, can't compete with the elementals I get from the Summon Creature line of spells.
Hm. I think I'll go play a little more.

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A live journal of my very own. [21 Jun 2002|04:36pm]
Admittedly, at first, I didn't think much of this concept. What on Earth would I write about? I still haven't found an answer to that, but having watched a increasing number of my friends each maintain their journals, some strange creative spark must've been kindled. Thanks to Roho, I can now unleash the progeny of this spark as words upon these hapless pages. Ha! The world shall be mine to toy with as I see fit! The first step has been taken! The next will be the acquisition of a small kitten. Or a new job, if indeed I will be without one in a couple of months, which is likely.

Some of you will know that I currently work for Skybrud.dk which is best described as an Internet design bureau. It's a small company with 7 employees, and we've been doing well for ourselves. But last week, there was a change in management, and for reasons I haven't quite been able to comprehend we were suddenly balancing the treshold of bankrupcy. I was laid off and two others were moved to our sister company, pretty much halving the staff. We're now hoping that things will shape up a bit, so we can avoid this and continue as we were. But if this doesn't happen, I'll have to find something else. Yay for "something else".

I'm not sure if I'll seek employment with another web company. Maybe it's time for a change. At Skybrud.dk (that really is its registered name, not just its web address) my main focus was our content management system, which has become very capable. I'm guessing that's also reason why my name came up when it was decided whom to lay off, seeing how the CMS basically is complete. Good to know you were needed. =P While it would mean that the CMS'd gradually lose its edge against the competition, it wouldn't happen much sooner than half a year from now, and meanwhile the two other programmers could continue implementing webpages. That way, they'd have some months leeway, before they'd have to worry about the CMS again.

I'm giving it a month's time, before putting in a real effort to find a new job, since I'd really rather not lose this one. It's fun! I could try to find something in the US, but that'd be a pretty big step. Must ponder this.
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